Pendant lighting is one of the most prevalent choices for modern interior designing. Nothing sparks up a space like smoked glass pendant lights. Whether hung over your dining table or creating harmony in your bedroom, these lights style your place in the best possible manner. Pendant lighting can be made from an assembly of materials. Within this category of lighting accessories, there are different variations to choose from.

Depending on your room style, functionality needs, and space type, you need to pick the best option. Don’t worry! LightbyLight is your one-stop destination for premium lights with essential functionality.

Before moving on, do you know the total types of pendant lights? No! Here are the types of pendant lightings we discuss:

  • Glass Pendants
  • Drum Shade Pendants
  • Multi Light Pendant Lights
  • Globe &Cord Pendants
  • Shade & Lantern Pendants
  • Linear Pendant Lights

While these lights generally come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all models serve a fair purpose. Smoked glass pendant lights at LightbyLight fulfill your priorities for the ambiance, appearance, and energy performance of your space.

An Architect’s Guide: Tips to Choose Smoked Glass Pendant Lights

Now the question arises, what tips one should consider while buying these pendant lights.Take a glance Peek at our list to learn further:

Pro Tip #1: Keep Various Lighting Needs in Mind

Different people may have different requirements when it comes to choosing pendant lights. Some rely on the ambiance, and some on the appearance. Moreover, a pendant whose shade diffuses or blocks the light source makes sure a brighter bulb. So, if task lighting is your primary goal, you should prefer frosted, smoke gray pendant lights rather than the clear glass ones.

Pro Tip #2: Use A Model to Think in Terms of Volume, Not Only Linear Dimensions

Preparing a model is an excellent way to help visualize what the pendants will look like. One thing that you need to decide is the place where you want to place your dream light. Don’t be afraid of the smoke glass pendant lights. In the right space, they can be wonderfully portrayed. They can be a great way to fine-tune your vision as far as interior designing is concerned.

Pro Tip #3: Consider the Height While Taking Dimensions

It can be challenging to take the dimensions, especially the high ceiling. However, opting for a tall pendant can be a permanent way to enhance the look of your kitchen. The perfect proportions depend on your dimension skills. So, it’s always better to consult the professionals before you install the one for your space.

Pro Tip #4: As You Choose Pendants, Coordinate with Your Expert

Doing it yourself is a big headache. Yes! So, what should you do in fact? Hiring professionals save effort and make everything hassle-free. Contact us as we at LightbyLight have a dedicated team to help our potential customers at any stage.


In a nutshell, whether it is about to give your home a new look, or a super-finished guise, the best place to trust is LightbyLight. Visit us to discover a wide collection of pendant lights. Choose the one that fits your requirement the best. Our smoked glass pendant lightsare worth trying to add a seamless look to your home.

Start exploring our pendant lightings and let us know what’s your favorite.

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